Tender Proposals

Working as Senior Architect/ Sustainability Manager for Samsung C&T Corporation, my main tasks involved leading the bidding team in the preparation of the technical proposal for tender and doing market research within the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region to further develop Samsung’s market penetration.

For the tender proposals my involvement included the overall coordination of the bids and specifically the development of the sustainability part of the proposals. The bids were prepared in coordination with Samsung’s Seoul Head Quarters and the team based in Abu Dhabi. I led all client presentations for the proposals within the MENA region.

Projects involvement:
• Louvre Abu Dhabi
• Midfield Terminal Building at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi
• Heart of Doha, Qatar
• Masdar Head Quarters, Abu Dhabi
• Al Ain Stadium & Mixed Used Development, Al Ain

Another aspect of my job was the market research, which greatly supported the tendering department by providing key information about each market within the MENA region. My job involved travelling within the MENA region and researching the local competitors, potential partners and potential clients on each market. Visiting all major stakeholders within the construction industry, analysing the potential strategies to further develop Samsung’s involvement in those specific markets.