After working for more than 17 years in the construction industry around the world, being involved in all aspects of the construction process, I partner with assets owners and real estate developers to minimize their risks and maximize their opportunities.

Born, raised and being a registered Architect in Uruguay, I have the local market knowledge. My 12-years international career delivering high-end projects in Dubai, gives me the expertise to manage any kind of development to the highest standards within the estimated time and budget.

As an Architect and Project Manager, I breach the gap between International Developers/ Clients who develop in Uruguay and the local Authorities, Contractors, Operators, Service Providers, etc. for high-end construction projects. Being a Client Representative for many years, I understand the importance of having Client presence on the site to streamline the decision making process, avoid unnecessary costs and implement value engineering wherever possible to benefit both the Project and the Developer/Client. Having presence on site also provides assurance to the Client that the project is on track, delivered to the expected quality and within the budget.

My experience working for some of world’s biggest Consultants, Contractors and Developers has given me the opportunity to be part of very complex structures which handle high volume of projects in a very professional and diligent manner; delivering world-class projects in record times which are at the same time great investments. I would like to bring this expertise to our region by partnering with local companies as a Construction Project Management Consultant, to streamline their processes and procedures and improve their final product/ results.

Having had the experience of working as a Construction Project Manager remotely for a big part of 2020, I believe the distance is no longer an obstacle to manage any project’s design nor construction. Currently having most meetings online and minimum face-to-face interaction, makes our physical location with regards to the project location irrelevant. I am open to any structure of remote working if I can be of value to the Project, including scheduling visits to the site or to the Consultant’s location as needed.

Let’s build something together.