Remote Construction/ Design Project Management

Having had the experience of working as a Construction Project Manager remotely for a big part of 2020, I believe the distance is no longer an obstacle to manage any project’s design nor construction. Currently having most meetings online and minimum face-to-face interaction, makes our physical location with regards to the project location irrelevant. I am open to any structure of remote working if I can be of value to the Project, including scheduling visits to the site or to the Consultant’s location as needed.

How can we work together?

Based on the Project needs, we will prepare a working plan to make sure we can achieve all the requirements within your timeline and that you receive regular updates with the progress of the works.

Once we start working together we will be in touch through regular video conference calls and you will receive reports with the updates regularly.

Site visits or face-to-face meetings with Consultants can be scheduled as required to ensure the management of the Project is on track.

As they say, the silver linings of Covid-19…

If you need to outsource the design or construction management of a specific project, get in touch!