Terrazas de Jardines, Montevideo

Project name: Terrazas de Jardines

Programme: Low-rise residential complex

Area (GFA): 1500 sqm

Position: Project architect for GC:Arquitectos

Developer: Confidential

Project description:
Residential low-rise development. The building comprises of eight high-end apartment units targeted for young families, with landscape areas and a shared swimming pool and barbecue area.

Key stakeholders: 
Developer, GC:Arquitectos and local Authorities.

Main responsibilities:
Overall coordination and management of the project, development of detailed design documentation, and site supervision. As well as preparation of all Authorities submittals and liaison with local Authorities to obtain all the relevant approvals.

Major achievements: 
Handing over all units to end-users with minor comments for rectification and securing the Developer’s trust for future projects.

Project status: Construction completed June 2008.