Rivera Villa, Montevideo

Project name: Avenida Rivera Villa

Programme: Residential villa

Area (GFA): 1000 sqm

Position: Project architect for GC:Arquitectos

Developer: Private client

Project description:
Residential villa for a family relocating to Uruguay. The villa comprises the main house with three levels; the ground floor being the public areas, the second floor the private areas, and the top one the house employees’ quarters. An anxiliary building in the garden accomodates an indoor barbeque and living space, as well as an indoor-outdoor temperature controlled swimming pool.

Key stakeholders: 
Private client, GC:Arquitectos and local Authorities

Main responsibilities:
Overall coordination and management of the project, development of detailed design documentation, and site supervision. As well as preparation of all Authorities submittals and liaison with local Authorities to obtain all the relevant approvals.

Major achievements: 
Being the Client an expat, meeting his high specifications was the biggest challenge. Raising the bar of the subcontractors’ works and introducing new building materials and techniques.

Project status: Construction completed January 2009.