Masdar Residences, Abu Dhabi

Project name: Masdar Residences (Plots J16 & J17)

Programme: Residential compound

Area (GFA): 15000 sqm

Position: Architect for Aedas

Developer: Mubadala Investment Company

Project description:
Masdar City is a pioneer in sustainability and a hub for research to achieve a more sustainable urban living. The masterplan for the city included university, retail, restaurants, two new clean-tech means of transport as well as residential neighbourhoods. The project at plots J16 & J17 consisted in a new cleaner way of living developed by Masdar Technical Teams to achieve a healthier more sustainable living. A maximum of 4-storeys, the showcase of staircases to promote their use rather than the lifts’ use, improved ways to maximize the use of natural light and ventilation were some of the items incorporated into the design.

Key stakeholders: 
Foster+Partners, Mubadala Investment Company, Masdar Technical Teams and local Authorities

Main responsibilities: 
Develop the detailed design documentation utilizing BIM software and implementing the Masdar City Guidelines.

Major achievements: 
Meeting the Client’s short deadlines and developing a full detailed design utilizing BIM software while incorporating the Masdar City Guidelines and ensuring compliance to all the green guidelines. Unfortunately very few projects within Masdar City were built while most of the city development is still on hold due to financial and feasibility issues.

Project status: Construction on hold.