Laguna Waterpark, Dubai

Project name: Laguna Waterpark

Programme: Waterpark

Area (GFA): 26000 sqm

Position: Design Manager for Samsung C&T Corporation (Project Management Consultant)

Developer: Meraas Holding

Project description:
Outdoors waterpark located at La Mer’s man-made peninsula. The park consists of five attractions as well as many F&B outlets, retail outlets, and other supporting services such as changing facilities, toilets, ticketing and back of house facilities.
The project originally included an off-shore water based show by ECA2, which construction was put on hold.

Key stakeholders: Meraas Holdings, Forrec, Arco Contracting Company, Sim Leisure Gulf Contracting and local Authorities

Main responsibilities: To ensure the design was in line with the Developer’s expectations and meeting all technical requirements . Making sure that all the Developers’ decisions were implemented and in line with local Authorities regulations.

Major achievements: Getting the ride vendors requirements in place, expediting the information to the Main Contractor to ensure the same was incorporated in the technical documents and at the same time ensuring the technical requirements wouldn’t detriment the creativity of the design. Another big challenge of this project was meeting the Developer’s expectation in terms of the look and feel of the place, which was to create an immersive environment achieved through a very detailed and heavily themed interior design.

Project status: Construction completed December 2018.