Cirque du Soleil Theatre, Dubai

Project name: Cique du Soleil Theatre

Programme: Theatre for Cirque du Soleil’s permanent show in Dubai

Area (GFA): 23000 sqm

Position: Design Manager for Samsung C&T Corporation (Project Mangementn Consultant)

Developer: Meraas Holdings

Project description:
The project was planned as an anchor project for the arts area at Dubai’s City Walk. To be able to provide an outstanding show by Cirque du Soleil Dubai a show-specific theatre was required. The show designed by Cirque du Soleil and the thetear designed according to the show requirements by 10 Design. The show was focused on a revolving stage which would allow every spectator to have the front facing view at some point during the show. As it is characteristic from all Cirque du Soleil productions, high level of technology was specified for this project.

Key stakeholders: Meraas Holding, Cirque du Soleil, Huma Design et Architecture, 10 Design Consultants, and local Authorities

Main responsibilities: Leading the overall design and coordinating between Cirque du Soleil and their interior designers (Huma Design) and the shell & core building designer, 10 Design. Capturing all Cirque du Soleil’s logistic requirements and ensuring the same were incorporated into the Master Plan.

Major achievements: Liaising with several Consultants and Contractors, including a team of specialist Consultants for each part of the show (script writers, TSE specialists, special effects specialists, audio and video specialist, theming specialists, lighting specialists and technology specialists). Making sure all building provisions were considered in the Master Plan design and coordinating with all parties whilst complying with local Authorities regulations and requirements. As all projects were IP holders are involved the major achievement on this project was obtaining IP holder approval for the base building design.

Project status: Construction on hold.